Introducing tools for Active Learning!

Tired of quiet expressionless responses? Would you like to engage your students in thought provoking scenarios?

We have designed products to promote the development of Creative and Critical Thinking in Nursing, EMT/Paramedic and Surgical Technology. We take a real life “What would you do if…” approach to learning. Students are encouraged to use text books, drug guides, policy and procedure manuals and peer guidance to work through these problem based learning scenarios.

The innovative critical thinking in Nursing, EMT/Paramedic and Surgical Technology teaching tools provide direction for faculty to assist in student engagement and active participation in skills and discussions. Creativity is included in each product allowing the students to provide thoughtful responses. Educators can evaluate student understanding of simple and complex concepts.

Our Specialists

Layered Learning develops products that assist healthcare educators in overcoming the challenges of engaging students by using Scenarios to develop Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing, EMT/Paramedic and Surgical Technology.  We focus on students presenting their current level of knowledge so educators can evaluate learning and provide feedback.

Our learning tools and simulation scenarios use commonly existing equipment more efficiently to promote learning and remediation. Students are given the opportunity to practice skills, prioritization, documentation, research, emergency response and safety in a simulated environment.

Our contributors are practicing healthcare educators with numerous years of experience in their specialty field of practice.

Newly Released: Group Therapy - Psychiatric Simulation

This simulation tool can be used at clinical or on-campus. Whether teaching diagnosis recognition, psychoeducational presentation or evaluating interpersonal communication skills this innovative program allows all students to thoughtfully participate. Faculty are able evaluate content understanding and guide debriefing. Students frequently request this exercise as a course introduction and again as a course completion exercise.

Price: $195.00