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On-Campus Clinical Days
Layered Learning LLC develops products to help healthcare students in schools of higher education and healthcare facilities overcome the challenge of skill mastery and learning their new role. The majority of education departments have skill trainers, supplies and mannequins readily available. We have developed the tools to help you use this equipment more effectively. The concept driving Layered Learning is use existing equipment more effectvely.
Critical Thinking & Skills
for EMT/Paramedic
Skill Scenarios
for Nursing
Just Released "On-Campus Clinical Days Obstetrics"

Do you ever find students not asking questions because they do not know what to ask? Try implementing these innovative conversation starters. The scenarios are an excellent way to stimulate conversation and assess student learning. These tools are also designed to promote clinical consistency across a clinical course.

Critical Thinking and Skill scenarios were released in the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store. A search of “Layered Learning” in the App Store will bring up the most current applications available (most topics for $1.99 each). There are scenarios for EMT’s, Paramedics, Surgical Technologists and Nursing. These resources are also available in hard copy for $20/deck.
Economical Simulation and Critical Thinking Products
Critical Thinking Products
for Nursing
Critical Thinking
for Surgical Technologists
Problem-Based Learning
Use existing equipment more efficiently. Allow students to practice critical thinking in a safe environment.
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