Nursing Skills

This is a high-touch low-tech simulation program that allows more efficient use of existing equipment. Using any level mannequin the students get a chance to practice things they have learned in class or lab.

Students select any number of cards which have a scenario or physician’s orders to transcribe, perform the order then provide detailed documentation of the encounter. Each time the student select a group of cards they create a unique simulation. We have included 40 fundamental skills to engage students in practice based activities.

One useful exercise is prioritization and delegation. The student selects any number of cards then lays them on a surface from highest to lowest priority. Faculty can check their order and discuss their plan of action for the items they have drawn. There might be an instance where they have multiple high priority scenarios so they then can decide which items can be delegated to another member of the healthcare team.

These scenarios promote skill recall and practice which should help the student move toward skill mastery prior to graduation or completion of orientation.

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