On-Campus Clinical Days – Pediatrics

OB/Newborn Nursing
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Price: $2,500.00

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Turn an existing fundamentals lab into a busy Pediatric Unit with this package. This innovative program is designed to help schools of nursing utilize existing equipment more efficiently while allowing students to practice hands on skills in an 8 hour On-Campus Clinical Day.

Included in each package:
7 - Patient Scenarios
7 - Patient Charts
3 - DVD - Patient Information Discs
1 - DATA CD with printable files
1 – Detailed Instructor Resource Manual

This program designed by nursing faculty for nursing faculty to engage students and promote skill performance and critical thinking. These plug-and-play programs allow each student to be the primary nurse of their own patient for an entire clinical day. Students have an opportunity to perform skills, administer medications, make decisions and develop critical thinking skills and document.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this package different than others? This is a one-time cost with no student fees or annual fees to the institution. This package is an entire clinical day from start to finish. Choose from 7 unique patient's or use them all to simulate a typical obstetrical / newborn unit.

Can this package help us with Clinical Make-Up Days? Yes, This package can be utilized as a self-paced clinical assignment in the event students need to make up clinical time.

Can we take this package to clinical for Low Census days? Yes. We designed the program into 2 parts. One part that can be taken to clinical for low census days when you have more students than patient’s. The other part to the program directs hands on skill performance, medication administration and critical thinking. These are flexible programs that can be tailored to meet your specific situation.

Who wrote the simulation scenarios? We are nursing faculty who have identified unique ways to engage our students in hands-on problem based learning.  Our goal for writing these scenarios is to ease the burden on faculty and actively engage students in meaningful learning.

What will the programs do for the student? These audio driven experiences allow students to practice organization, prioritization and collaboration. The audio instructions direct student nurses to complete an assessment, document, pass medications, take and transcribe physician's orders, perform skills and leave an off-going shift report about the patient(s) they cared for during their clinical day. Documentation is performed on paper charts or could be completed in an Electronic Medical Record if you desire.

How will I evaluate the students? Use your existing course evaluation tool as this is designed to be a clinical experience. As the instructor becomes familiar with each patient problem and follow the flow of the patient’s day. This allows the instructor to efficiently keep track of each individual’s progress.

What will the program do for the faculty? The faculty will have an opportunity to evaluate an entire clinical group in one room while the students perform nursing tasks the same as they would on a clinical unit. An instructor can instruct an entire clinical group without interrupting patient care and trying to track everyone down in their assigned areas.

Who can use our programs? Our packages are designed to be appropriate for schools of nursing at all levels of nursing education (PN and RN). Whether you are a novice or expert in simulation these programs are easy to use. Detailed recorded and written instructions for the student and faculty are included with the purchase.

Do I need high-fidelity equipment? No, the programs are appropriate for any level from low to high fidelity. Our belief is that the fidelity doesn’t matter, but the experience does.

Do I need special software? No, The CD's are auto run and run using Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Bruce at (812) 455-7723 or by email at bruce@layeredlearning.com


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