Simulation Consulting Services

My goal is to help you build a meaningful simulation environment.  I strive to help the customer implement efficient and practical simulation programs.

I will evaluate your current simulation status and provide options that align with your goals of today and make recommendations for the future.  I specialize in using your existing equipment more efficiently without adding a lot of work for the faculty.

Whether you are considering purchasing equipment or have some equipment lying in the corner I can assist you with exploring options, training, engaging faculty and students. 

My specialties include:

Bruce’s first formal simulation project (in 2005) was converting a fundamentals’ nursing lab with low and mid fidelity equipment into a high-fidelity fully functioning simulation center on a shoestring budget. 

I provide services to academic, institutional and community based settings. 
The idle mind of a student could be actively engaged in learning through simulation.  Allow me to show how easy simulation can be implemented into your curriculum.

Cost:  $65/hr + travel

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